2 Types of Prescription Treatment for Hair Loss

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Treatment for Hair Loss – There is no known lasting cure to address hair loss. You can delay the onset of receding hairline if you are genetically predisposed to early androgenic alopecia. But once hair follicles die, there is not much you can do to restore you lush hair to its youthful looks, except though hair transplants.

Most so-called treatment for hair loss do provide palliative cures that can stimulate hair growth as well as thicken hair, provided that you still have hair follicles that can be stimulated to grow hair. So far, the FDA has approved only two medications that have proven to be effective in hair loss reduction and regrowth. These are Minoxidil (with the brand Rogaine) and Finasteride (with the brand name Propecia).

Be aware that the curative effects of these two medications are limited and will require months to see any visible results and last only for as long as the drugs are taken. It is best to get your scalp diagnosed by a competent doctor or dermatologist to assess the cause of any hair thinning and to prescribe the proper treatment for hair loss.

Minoxidil Products for Hair Loss Treatment


rogaine Minoxidil Minoxidil rogaine



Rogaine is the over-the-counter brand name for topical application of Minoxidil which is the generic name that has become quite popular as a treatment for hair loss. Research on Minoxidil has shown its efficacy in retarding hair loss and stimulating new hair growth in men with receding hairlines as well as on the head crown area. As a vasodilator, Minoxidil was first discovered to grow hair as a side effect by people using the drug primarily for treating high blood pressure conditions. It basically acts to dilate the blood vessels leading to scalp follicles to increase blood flow containing the nutrients the follicles need to product hair.


This is prescription strength Minoxidil containing higher concentration. You need to get a doctor’s prescription to buy Loniten. Because of higher Minoxidil content, the drug has been observed to successfully grow hair in 805 of men taking regular doses of the drug. Unfortunately, there are unwanted side effects like palpitation, breathing problems as well as salt and water retention.

Finasteride Products for Hair Loss Treatment


Finasteride Propecia



Propecia® is the brand of oral medication using Finasteride and can only be obtained with prescription. It was earlier marketed under the brand Proscar, a prescriptive drug for treating prostrate enlargement in men. With regular use, it has been observed that hair growth occurred as a side effect and led to the marketing of Propecia with a lower dosage of Finasteride as a hair loss pill.

Propecia has been observed to be effective in promoting hair growth in 90% of men and women taking regular dosage.


As mentioned above Proscar® is the brand name of the Finasteride generic drug prescribed to treat enlargement of the prostrate in men. Men and women with thinning hair prefer this because it can be charged against their medical insurance. Propecia is considered a cosmetic solution that’s not chargeable. Patients just divide the Proscar pill in two to reduce its higher Finasteride concentration.