Shaved Sides Haircut

Shaved Sides Haircut For Men 2018

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Most men’s haircuts are a mixture of short sides and back with longer hair on top. The popularity from the undercut and fade means those sides aren’t just short but shaved. Take a look at these pictures for the highest 3 men’s hairstyles with shaved sides from short to long.

Shaved Sides Hairstyle

This short hair by having an undercut seen on model Remi Jerrad includes a military look. The highest Isn‘t even half an inch long, which makes it a coffee maintenance style for guys with hair types. Longer hair fades straight into the shaved sides and back for any smooth transition. The undercut and short beard are identical length for any cool continuous look.

Shaved Sides Haircut

The slick back with shaved sides is among the preferred men’s hairstyles from the year. Called a disconnect due to the sharp transition between short hair and longer, it’s a cool look that’s simple to style. Wear it up into pomp, slicked straight back, or messy like above. For something slightly different, comb hair into your V-shape behind.

Long Hair Shaved Sides Haircut

For a good bolder contrast, take a look at Josh Mario John’s signature long hair with shaved sides style. Using the popularity from the man bun and half ponytail, longer hair for guys is really a trendy style. Cause it to be simpler to manage and always look cool by wearing it with undercut sides. Or for any look with less commitment, just shave hair in the nape from the neckline. Short sides transition into an extended beard in the sideburns, giving this long hair all over look a clean cut finish.

Men’s hairstyles with shaved sides work with beard and facial hair at each length so don’t be shy to feature the undercut to any haircut. It’s among those rare styles that appears good on every man so go to your barber today. More appropriately, these undercut styles could keep you cool for summer.