olive oil for hair loss and dandruff

Olive Oil for Hair Loss and Dandruff

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Using olive oil for hair loss and dandruff can help you get long and thicker hair faster. It has several benefits repairing the damaged hair.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil comes from the olive plant, which is known scientifically as Olea europaea. Olives are sub-tropical plants that have wide leaves with very edible fruits. How long has olive been around as food and medicine? There are evidence that ancient Greece had already been eating and planting olives.

The produce of the tree is considered a drupe, which means it has physical similarities with peaches and plums. Olive fruits are usually harvested from the tree eight months after the blossom of the olive tree manifest themselves. Did you know that at this time, about 30% of the weight of the fruits is pure oil?

How Olive Oil for Hair Loss and Dandruff Works?

Using oil to remedy alopecia has been around for thousands of years. Notable groups of people who used oil to keep hair healthy are the ancient Indians and even the Egyptians. The use of oil is widespread and to this day remains widely acceptable to many communities around the world.

The stimulation of hair growth was often done because even the ancient peoples believed that having nice, thick hair was a positive thing. The oil is often applied to the hair itself, and the scalp.

In a controlled study that was done in the year 1998, oils and herbs were administered to patients who were suffering from an immune disorder. The patient’s own immune systems had been attacking the hairs themselves, causing an unusual type of alopecia to take place.

The use of different oils (grapeseed and jojoba oils) with herbs (thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar wood) produced interesting results. About 44% of the individuals who used oils with herbs showed signs of improvement. Whereas, only 14% of the individuals who used oils alone showed positive signs. What’s the lesson here? Oil is effective, but it’s more effective if you use other healthful herbs.

The Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Loss and Dandruff

The main benefit with using olive oil is that it’s widely available. You won’t have to travel everywhere to find your much-needed bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is sold supermarkets as well as health stores around the world.

Another perceived benefit is that the oil has already gained wide acceptance throughout the world as effective medical oil with medicinal properties. No severe side effects have been reported with the use of olive oil and other aromatic oils in the treatment of alopecia.

As such, a person who is using olive oil for alopecia should make sure that potential stressors and pollutants from the environment are not causing the balding. If such extraneous factors do exist, then a person should make ways to remove the stressors.

Alopecia areata can be triggered by stress. People who are exposed to pressure at work and high levels of stress at home and at work are more prone to stress-related syndromes such as balding.

Olive oil is a natural hair protector that can render you hair stronger than it was without oil.

The Side Effects of Olive Oil for Hair Loss and Dandruff

When used as a form of hair loss treatment, olive oil does not have any side effects. However, don’t expect one-day miracles from olive oil.

What olive oil can provide in the end is shinier and healthier hair; because it’s what oil does, it nourishes hair.

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