Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews

Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews

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Here is a Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews that is proven effective for dealing with hair loss in men and women.

Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is one of the best-known solutions to male pattern hair loss. The chemical compound is more familiar throughout the world through the brand Propecia.

Finasteride was developed primarily because of its ability to prevent the growth of acne, hair loss and enlarged prostates in males.

Because finasteride was more practically marketed as a treatment for prostate enlargement, the approval in the United States was sought exactly for that purpose. Such a drug of potency couldn’t be released then as merely a drug to remedy something as superficial as balding.

How Finasteride Works?

Finasteride can be used to treat male pattern baldness because it helps block 5-alpha reductase in the following areas:

• Front part of the scalp

• Crown region

• Top region

Note that these areas are often the three biggest trouble spots for men who are genetically predisposed to balding. Since the genetic ‘switch’ for balding has been activated, the process of balding starts and never ends.

Finasteride does not eliminate the enzyme completely. Nevertheless, it can make DHT production slower by reducing the amount of the enzyme in the body. Having less of the enzyme translates to having less of the harmful DHT.

The Benefits of Finasteride

The most common dosage used is 1 milligram. This applies especially to those who have been prescribed the drug Propecia to treat common-pattern hair loss. The results have been very positive. Men who have taken the drug finasteride have shown increase in hair growth, as opposed to those who did not take finasteride.

The main advantage of using finasteride is you can preserve what hair you have at the moment. Losing hair is bad for those who can no longer re-grow their hair. Men with advanced hair loss would benefit immensely by slowing down the effects of balding on their scalp.

Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews

As long as you are taking finasteride, the positive effects on your hairline will continue. However, remember that the effects of finasteride are not permanent, especially with those with advanced balding patterns.

If you wish to reap the benefits, you may have to consult with your doctor whether you can take the drug for a long time. If not, brace yourself for the return of your balding patterns.

The Side Effects of Finasteride

Finasteride has not been given thumbs up for treating alopecia in women. It seems that men have the edge over women in terms of using one of the most widely prescribe drugs for baldness.

Finasteride is a teratogenic drug. As such, it affects unborn fetuses while still in a woman’s womb. To be very safe, pregnant women should avoid even handling finasteride tablets that have been powdered or crushed because of the risk of affecting specifically male babies.

Does it work the other way around? Does finasteride or Propecia affect women when the man is taking the drug and renders his partner pregnant?

Fortunately, for couples everywhere, the answer is a resounding no. Therefore, if you have been taking finasteride and you suddenly find out that your partner is having a baby, there’s no need to worry.

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Finasteride For Hair Loss Reviews