Dutasteride Hair Loss Reviews

Dutasteride Hair Loss Reviews

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Here is a Dutasteride Hair Loss Review that is proven effective for dealing with hair loss in men and women

Dutasteride Hair Loss Reviews

What is Dutasteride Hair Loss?

Dutasteride is an A5R-inhibiting drug that is now being used in many countries for the treatment of male-pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is caused by the action of certain enzymes on the freely available testosterone in the body. The confluence of the enzymes produces the harmful DHT that causes hair to fall in both males and females.

How Dutasteride Works?

Dutasteride has been shown to stop the A5R enzyme from acting upon male hormones. The fatal combination between the enzyme and hormone produces dihydrotestosterone that has been known to cause hair loss.

One of the basic studies of the effectiveness of this chemical compound in battling hair loss has revealed that the dutasteride is able to lessen the amount of dihydrotestosterone in both the bloodstream and in the scalp area.

The effects of dutasteride are very similar to the chemical mechanism of the drug Finasteride that is also being used to treat male pattern baldness.

The Benefits of Dutasteride Hair Loss

Dutasteride is one of the most promising chemical compounds that can be used specifically to treat balding. In the year 2006, a study regarding the effectiveness of dutasteride was carried out. The respondents in the study received dutasteride, with different concentrations.

In addition to the dutasteride, the participants were also given a placebo drug and dutasteride’s main competition, finasteride (5 mg). The study lasted six months or half a year. After the six-month trial period of finasteride and dutasteride, the researchers were ecstatic.

Dutasteride Hair Loss Reviews

Dutasteride worked by increasing the amount of hair in specific areas of the scalp (versus the non-working placebo). In addition, a lower dose of dutasteride (2.5 mg) appeared to be more effective than a 5 mg dose of finasteride.

The Side Effects of Dutasteride

One of the main disadvantages of using dutasteride is its negative effects on a person’s reproductive system. Remember, the more potent a drug is, the higher the chance of getting severe side effects. This principle in medicine applies to bacteriostatic antibiotic medication as well.

In a study that involved males in their fifties and beyond, it showed that dutasteride cause impotence and decreased libido in the participants. The respondents in the said study all had abnormalities in their prostates. Many of them were suffering from enlarged prostates already.

Though the study was not done to see whether dutasteride was effective or not in terms of counter-acting the effects of dihydrotestosterone, it showed just what could happen when a person uses a dutasteride regimen.

The participants in the study also experienced some degree of tenderness in their breasts and problems with their capacity to ejaculate sperm. 0.5% of the respondents reported an increase in their breast size (note that all the test subjects were male).

Is there still a bright side to all of this? Of course, there is. Though the side effects mentioned might discourage many, many males from taking dutasteride, it should be noted that these side effects fade with time.

However, all side effects that affected the breasts of the respondents remained throughout the testing period. If you don’t mind experiencing tenderness or some degree of enlargement of your chest, you might be a good candidate for dutasteride treatment.

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Dutasteride Hair Loss Reviews