Hair Loss In Men And Women

Do You Worry About Hair Loss In Men And Women?

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Hair loss in men and women is natural. According to dermatologists, a healthy individual can lose about 100 hair strands in just one day. However, hair loss becomes an alarming condition when a person loses more than the usual amount of hair that he sheds. Moreover, hair loss also becomes a problem if there is no observable hair growth or if hair fall occurs in the form of patches. When a hair fall problem occurs, immediate treatment may be vital.

Hair Loss in Men

Men Hair LossMen have been suffering from baldness problems for ages. The presence of toupees has long been the source of ridicule and embarrassment for men all over the world. The thinning, balding scalp has always been a sign of inferiority and impotence that men strive hard to overcome.

Various wigs, dyes and an assortment of hair replacement options have been markets for decades promising men the lush vigor of having a full head of hair. Still, there is a practical and scientific side to all this. Amidst the many hocus-pocus treatments and so called miracle cures, there are proper ways for men to combat the onset of hair loss with proper treatment… Details

Hair Loss in Women

Women Hair LossAre you a woman suffering from thinning hair? Are you afraid of hair loss in women? Are you just about ready to step out of your home to buy the latest hair growth treatment or about to order a new item online? Stop. There are plenty of important preparations that you have to take before you even consider taking any measures regarding your hair problems.

Women hair growth products should be carefully studied before they are purchased and used. This is because damaging your sensitive hair follicles is irreparable and once you lose that, it is all over for any hope you may have of having natural beautiful hair… Details

10 Medications, Vitamins & Herbs

1. Dutasteride – a chemical compound that blocks DHT.

2. Finasteride – a chemical compounds that used to treat hair loss in men.

3. Minoxidil – the first topical remedy for male pattern hair loss that was approve by FDA.

4. Spironolactone – a type of steroid that can help in reducing the incidence of baldness in women.

5. Vitamin C – works for hair loss by bolstering the skin’s toughness.

6. Vitamin E – used to support the scalp and hair follicles, by protecting them from free radicals that naturally form in the body.

7. Zinc – for hair, zinc makes sure that cells reproduce regularly.

8. Saw Palmetto – works by countering the androgen receptor 5-alpha reductase.

9. Olive Oil – works by protecting and nourishing the hair.

10. Aloe Vera – has been described as ‘liquid vitamins’ for the hair.